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L'Infernal 200

203 km

10000 m 10000 m

Route map

L'Infernal 120

121 km

5700 m 5700 m

Route map

L'Infernal 60

66 km

2805 m 2805 m

Route map

L'Infernal 30

33 km

1290 m 1290 m

Route map

L'infernal 12

12 km

420 m 420 m

Route map
8, 9, 10 september 2017
St Nabord (France, Vosges)

It is in the picturesque landscape of the Vosges that the event of the Infernal Trail takes place, southeast of the department, near the Parc Naturel Régional des Vosges, one of the largest in France. The chosen route offers a succession of views and the most beautiful courses than others. The forest, frequently present during the journey is beautiful with several barrels ten meters high and a rich variety of vegetation on the ground.

Infernal Trail, that is 5 events spread of 2 days half of racing, 5000 participants, 500 volunteers, 220 km of marked and secured paths and 17 towns associated with the event.